I’m Hiroto Tsukada live in a town called Memuro, 160 kms east of Sapporo Hokkaido, Japan.

I am an amateure radio station and my callsign is JJ8KGZ.  I am active on the air with morsecode.

My handle name is ” Leo” and I love CW (communication with morsecode) very much.


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  1. Chuck says:

    Leo; good morning from Dallas! I enjoyed your video poem today. Just a short note to let you know I found a typo on your blogroll section. I think that K2NG should be K3NG as that is where that link points.

    I had a QSO with Shin again this morning on 40M cw. It was a nice long QSO and Shin was using his bug key. He is a brave man to use a bug. I never could get the hang of such a thing, yet he played it like a violin. Very nice.
    I am enjoying your new website and really appreciate your beautiful pictures of Japan. It brings back fond memories of my winter visits to Yokuska and the views of Mt. Fuji covered with snow. It is very cold in Ja in winter time!
    Best, Chas W7MAP/5

  2. Leo JJ8KGZ says:

    Hello Chuck

    Thank you for your comment and letting me know the typo!

    It’s good to hear you had a QSO with Shin again.
    Yes, he can use any keys and I think it’s amazing.

    I’m going to upload other beautiful photos of Japan from time to time so please expect my blog update, Chuck:-)

    It’s Sunday morning here and I have just finished my SKED QSO with friends in Tokyo and Gifu on 40m. I went out for drinking last night and came home around 3 am. So I’m going back to my bed again. Hi.

    It’s a beautiful and quiet morning.

    CU on the air soon, Chas.

    de Leo JJ8KGZ

  3. Sparks says:

    Found your site. Great photographs. Loved my tour of duty in your country as radio op USAF late 1950’s. “Kwaidan” my favorite Japanese film…and anything with Mifune.

    GL es 73 de N2UGB

  4. Leo JJ8KGZ says:

    Hello Sparks,

    Thanks for your comment.
    I was born in 1958.
    You were in Japan around that time, weren’t you?

    I love Mifune, too.

    CU on the air someday!

    73 de JJ8KGZ

  5. Darrel says:

    Hi Leo,

    I’ve been trying to get in touch with you via email.

    My wife and I will be on Hokkaido from May 12 – May 23 to visit our son Matt and daughter-in-law Reiko Kawada. We were going to come over in 2008, but had some health problems that are all cleared up now.

    If possible we’d like to get together with you, either in Memuro or Date City (Otakii)

    I see on your QRZ information that you might be coming to the USA. If you’ll be anywhere near us we’d like to have you spend time with us. We have lots of room and a nice station for you to use.

    Darrel Daley – K1KU

  6. Leo JJ8KGZ says:

    Hi Darrel.

    I wrote an e-mail to you!
    Look forward to seeing you in May.



  7. John K3TN says:

    Hi, Leo – if by any chance you might be in the Tokyo area between Apri 17-21, I will be there on a business trip and bringing my wife. I believe it is a long trip between your QTH and Tokyo but just in case you might be in Tokyo I would be honored to meet and say hello.

    73, John K3TN

    • Leo says:

      Hello John,

      I’m glad to hear from you. It would be also my honor to meet you face to face in Tokyo area.
      I’d love to come to Tokyo but I don’t have any plan to visit there in that period. But I can ask my CW buddies in Tokyo to meet you and guide you and your wife to some tourists’ spots in Tokyo. If you would like, please e-mail me directly. Those friends will be off on Sunday so it might be good for them to see you on April 17th. They are all FISTS members and love CW, QRP and DXing. Is it the first time for you to visit Tokyo? If so, there is a good bus tour that I would like to recommend you.

      Waiting for your e-mail.




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