Looong Time No See

Haven’t updated this blog for a long time.

I became inactive with Ham Radio and spared time to write novels.

Fortunately, I could get some awards for my works but my radio licence was expired, which I have to renew within this year.


As a matter of fact, I’ve been in a hospital diagnosed as unstable angina pectoris since 22nd of May.

I have to think that it is something good for me to take care of my health and rest in a room with these old people who also suffering from heart disease.

Good chance to think what my life is and to be refreshed.


I will have a catheterization study this afternoon and probably will get out of this hospital on 31st.

As per the coronary computed-tomography angiography, three  blood vessels on my heart have coarctations and they need to be widened.

It must take  several weeks to get all the treatment is done.


Anyway, being away from hectic days, I am going to plan what I will do after this.

I’m looking forward to being on the air by autumn.





About Leo JJ8KGZ
Born in Hokkaido Japan. Name; Hiroto Tsukada I'm an enthusiast of a communication utilizing CW, Morse Code. An amateur radio operator since 1992. Have 3 children. An importer of Agricultural Machinery. Love traveling.

9 Responses to Looong Time No See

  1. John K3TN says:

    Hi, Leo – Carole and I send our best hopes for your fast recovery – of both your “blood-pumping” heart and your “CW-pumpiing” heart!

    I had rotator cuff surgery in early April, so I have sympathy for your hospital stay. It took a few weeks but my right arm is now usable enough to get back on the air. I have worked Shin a few times on 15m and 20m, but keep hoping I will hear you or Atsu!

    Good luck with the writing as well!

    73 John K3TN

  2. Leo JJ8KGZ says:

    Hi John,

    Thanks for your warm comment.
    First time for me to hear the name of the illness ” rotator cuff” an I checked it with a dictionary.
    You had a hard surgery!

    Due to the catheter test today, my doctor advised me its better to have a by-pass surgery very soon. I will get out of this hospital tomorrow once and will be back within this month. I have to talk about my surgery with my family and colleagues at the office.

    Anyway, the surgery itself is not so difficult one and I’m sure I will resume my brasspounding by the end of this year.

    Hope to hear you on the air soon!

    Best 73 de JJ8KGZ Leo

  3. Atsu says:

    Hope everything gg to be fine wid u Leo san.
    You’d btr to acept this event as the time the God gives you to think about yourself ur life.

    • JJ8KGZ says:

      Atsu san

      Yes. You are right about that.
      Thanks for being a friend of mine.
      Really appreciate your words.


  4. Kenji RIkitake says:

    I hope you will get well soon. 73 de Kenji Rikitake JJ1BDX

  5. Mark Landon says:

    Hiroto san,

    Sorry to hear of your heart troubles. I hope you are feeing better and the treatments are successful. good to see you are blogging again.

    -Mark from Tracy

    • Leo JJ8KGZ says:

      Hi Mark, It’s good to hear from you!
      How’ve you been?

      Have just seen off a girl named Anne Abney from Tracy last weekend. The student ambassadors really enjoyed staying in Memuro this year, too. I was in charge of the host families and it was fun!

      Only catheter operation will be carried on this weekend and I will get out of the hospital on Monday. Thanks for your worrying but I’m fine.

      Say hello to your son and family for me.

      Oh, could you provide the email address of Carrol Minner? Since I have something to talk with her about our future exchange.

      Thanks in advance.


  6. Bryan Green says:


    Bryan Green KL7CN/W6 here. I enjoy your blog. I send you wishes of great health. I live near Tracy in West Sacramento CM98fn. It will be a pleasure to hear you on the air someday. 73, and please continue in good health.

    — Bryan Green

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