It’s been said…

that Japan has four seasons and therefore people enjoy beautiful scenery in each season, which makes Japanese people artistic and they have rich and abundant culture. I’m one of them who don’t deny it though.  But look at this!

Another snow storm hit northern Japan. A low pressure system as strong as typhoon reached yesterday and one of my friends in Sapporo gave me a text message that says they had pouring rain last night and another snow storm would follow.

Global climate change can’t be denied.

Two years ago, we had snow fall in the middle of May, and then over 30℃ next day.  We used to hear the slow  footstep of spring and then admire stunning cherry blossoms.

Indeed, spring was just around the corner but it tears through at a breakneck speed.


About Leo JJ8KGZ
Born in Hokkaido Japan. Name; Hiroto Tsukada I'm an enthusiast of a communication utilizing CW, Morse Code. An amateur radio operator since 1992. Have 3 children. An importer of Agricultural Machinery. Love traveling.

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