My Business Trip

The day 13 of my business trip is now over and I am staying at a hotel near Aarhus Railway station, Denmark. Driving a rental car from Amsterdam, my accompany and I entered Germany and toured Salzkotten, Bad Essen, and Annaburg.  We visited our business partners and had some training of some products. On the last day, driving through the Brandenburg Gate, we got to the city center of Berlin on the 3rd of February.  Our driving distance was about 1500 kms and I was relieved when we returned our BMW 321 to the Hertz office where we took a long time to find out on the under ground of Berlin main railway station.

I left my home in the afternoon of 23rd of January with saying “Good-bye” to my wife and daughter and I’m feeling that it’s like a remote event now.  It was a tough trip indeed and my suit case getting heavier and heavier with those manufacturers brochures, booklets and operation manuals.

We took a train from Berlin to Hamburg this early morning and changed a train for Denmark.  Crossing the border, we got to Aarhus.

Another supplier is waiting for us in Nykobing Mors on Monday and we are going to stay in the port town.  It will be my last assignment that translate the meeting and will head for Japan in the morning of Tuesday.  Flying from Aarhus to Helsinki via Copenhagen, I will catch the flight to Japan.

Got used to driving on the right side of the road and those roundabouts which direction is opposite to ones in UK and also in Japan.  And I  had a good time chatting with my Ham Radio friend, Tomas, OK4BX on the mobile phone while I was having a dinner with suppliers and dealers from 20 countries in Annaburg.

There were a lot of interesting things and I have been excited to be here in northern Europe for these two weeks.  But now, it’s time for me to miss my normal life with family, and Japanese food.

About Leo JJ8KGZ
Born in Hokkaido Japan. Name; Hiroto Tsukada I'm an enthusiast of a communication utilizing CW, Morse Code. An amateur radio operator since 1992. Have 3 children. An importer of Agricultural Machinery. Love traveling.

4 Responses to My Business Trip

  1. Jeff, KE9V says:

    You have become quite the road warrior Leo but now it’s time to go home and stay with your family for a season. Wishing you a safe and speedy journey home!

    73, Jeff KE9V

  2. JJ8KGZ says:

    Dear Jeff.

    I’ve just finished my last assignment and came back to the hotel room.
    A little tired though I have some kind of feeling that I achieved this long business trip.
    Our business partner in this Island is coming to pick us up at 7:30 tomorrow morning and will take us to the airport in Aarhus. I’m taking a flight to Japan at last!

  3. Mike says:

    Good morning, some very nice shots of the spots you were at. Hope the trip went well and the trip home was safe.

    • Leo JJ8KGZ says:

      Dear Mike,

      I put a link to your blog!
      Thanks for your comment.
      now I’m in UK and enjoying my traveling.

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