John K3TN

K3TN, John came to Japan on business all the way from Meryland U.S .

He gave me e-mail in February and asked if I could come to Tokyo to meet him but I thought it would be difficult.  So I intended to introduce him some of my CW friends who would be able to guide him in Tokyo.  But fortunately, I found it possible for me to trip to Tokyo just a week before. I booked a flight and was excited.  JE1TRV, Atsu offered to arrange some eye-ball session with his local radio friends and prepared a BBQ party at his home.

I met John and his wife Carol in front of Shinagawa Station in the morning of 16th April.  It was a nice and warm Sunday morning.

Taking Yamanote line, we changed our train at Shinjuku station then aimed to Machida on the Odakyu-line. An hour train ride seemed to be interesting for John and Carol.  A girl wearing a cartoon costume  and a golden wig got on the train at Meguro station. I thought it was the first time for them to see a cosplayer. (Costume Plyaer)  🙂

Arriving Tsurukawa station in the city of Machida, we were waiting for Atsu to come.  In a couple of minutes, he came to pick us up and exchanged greetings with John and Carol. He mentioned ” By the way John, how did you know Leo (me)?  I think it’s impossible for Leo to make a contact with you on the air because his system is not good enough to reach east-coast.”

We laughed.

It’s true, Atsu!

John has been a reader of this blog and got interested in meeting me during his trip.

We arrived at his home which is in a quiet neighborhood. Looking up his antenna systems and took a picture or two.  And Atsu took us to his shack and John seemed to be excited before those rigs and keys.

Around 11 am, Atsu’s local friends who are all Japan A1 Club members came along.

They were JA1HMK, JA4AZS, JN1GLB and his wife, JA7QIL, JQ1QHO, JJ1IZW and JQ1BWT.  We are all friends and it was very nice to see some of them again. I haven’t seen them since Tokyo Ham Fair held in 2009.

The party started and we enjoyed talking and some typical japanese food and drinks.

Surprisingly, JA1NUT Shin gave a buzz to Atsu and said he would join the party in the afternoon. John and Shin actually had a QSO before and it was quite a good news for us.  As I have been written on this blog several times, Shin is an elmer of my CW activity and also has been said to be a BEACON of Japan on 40m by US stations.

It’s easy to say that he joins the party but actually he resides in Mohoka, located about a 100 Kms north of Tokyo, and I thought it would be a tough drive for him.  Around 1:30pm, Shin arrived and said it took two hours and half taking Chuo freeway.

It was really a nice reunion with him and John also seemed to be happy.

Fun time passes very quickly. I had to leave for Haneda airport to catch a flight to go back.

Shin offered me to give me a ride to Tsurukawa and it was very nice talking with him on the car.  Saying good bye to him, I rushed to Shin-Yokohama to take a bullet train and go back to the airport.  John and Carol were taken to their hotel in Shinagawa by Shin on his way back to Mohka.

It was a great weekend and I want to express my gratitude for those friends who shared very good  time with us.  And I hope John and Carol will have a great time rest of the days staying in Japan.  They will go back to the US on Friday, 22nd.

About Leo JJ8KGZ
Born in Hokkaido Japan. Name; Hiroto Tsukada I'm an enthusiast of a communication utilizing CW, Morse Code. An amateur radio operator since 1992. Have 3 children. An importer of Agricultural Machinery. Love traveling.

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