Tokyo Ham Fair 2010

Some folks are busy preparing a booth which is cooperated with CWops, FISTS East Asia and JBA at Tokyo Ham Fair on August 28 and 29.

Atsu, JE1TRV is now grappling with making fliers and signs and Jun, JQ1BWT will use his technologies to get  CW lovers who won’t be able to come to the site to communicate with the clew at the booth by utilizing CW communicator  and to have a live on USTREAM.   We can communicate with them using CW on the channel #599 of the CW communicator and can see the site on the FISTS-E.A. channel of USTREAM.

I can’t join them this time because I have to organize a community festival here in Memuro on that weekend but I have to take my hat off to their effort!

CW communicator will be on with following schedule.

21 Aug 1:00-8:00(UTC)/ 10:00(JST)-17:00(JST)
22 Aug 1:00-7:00(UTC) /10:00(JST)-16:00(JST)

We can say this will be a joint appearances of the oldest and the newest communication technologies.


About Leo JJ8KGZ
Born in Hokkaido Japan. Name; Hiroto Tsukada I'm an enthusiast of a communication utilizing CW, Morse Code. An amateur radio operator since 1992. Have 3 children. An importer of Agricultural Machinery. Love traveling.

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