Looong Time No See

Haven’t updated this blog for a long time.

I became inactive with Ham Radio and spared time to write novels.

Fortunately, I could get some awards for my works but my radio licence was expired, which I have to renew within this year.


As a matter of fact, I’ve been in a hospital diagnosed as unstable angina pectoris since 22nd of May.

I have to think that it is something good for me to take care of my health and rest in a room with these old people who also suffering from heart disease.

Good chance to think what my life is and to be refreshed.


I will have a catheterization study this afternoon and probably will get out of this hospital on 31st.

As per the coronary computed-tomography angiography, three  blood vessels on my heart have coarctations and they need to be widened.

It must take  several weeks to get all the treatment is done.


Anyway, being away from hectic days, I am going to plan what I will do after this.

I’m looking forward to being on the air by autumn.





Been writing novels and essays for 5 years.

I don’t brag about it, I won a prize for some of my works at a local literary award.

I have just received a notification from its selection commitee.

One essay and a novel will be on the book in December.




Cushcraft R6000

Assembled Cushcraft R6K this weekend. It was in my shed for about two years and I could not have time to mount it on the mast.


Getting out of the bed, I went to my shack and turned on my radio, FT1000. There was a very good signal of W7SW, Scotty in a QSO with Shin, JA1NUT. I think it was the 1st time for me to hear USA on 21MHz in such early morning. I called him and Scotty gave me 449. His 559. My new R6K seems to work better than I expected. I’m sure current SSN & FSI will help me out a lot this autumn.

To Get More Active

Been away from this blog again.

Saying “hectic” must be a good excuse but I want to honestly say, “I have been hectic”.

From March to June is the busiest period of my work and I have been occupied not only with my work but also other things to do.  And I even didn’t have time to be on the air a lot.  Only FaceBook and weekly CW NET of FISTS East Asia were  methods to communicate with my friends who pound the brass in the main Island.

“Oh, Leo got inactive. He used to call CQs almost every night.”  This must be the way they think about me and I don’t deny it.

But I guess I will be have more time to spare enjoying CW after this summer.  Before that, I have to assemble my new antenna, Cushcraft R-6000, to QRV on the high bands.  I’m looking forward to hearing some signals from EU and USA this autumn.



Wings that fly us home

There are many ways of being in this circle we call life
A wise man seeks an answer, burns his candle through the night
Is a jewel just a pebble that found a way to shine
Is a hero’s blood more righteous than a hobo’s sip of wine

Did I speak to you one morning on some distant world away
Did you save me from an arrow, did you lay me in a grave
Were we brothers on a journey, did you teach me how to run
Were we broken by the waters, did I lie you in the sun

I dreamed you were a prophet in a meadow
I dreamed I was a mountain in the wind
I dreamed you knelt and touched me with a flower
I awoke with this: a flower in my hand

I know that love is seeing all the infinite in one
In the brotherhood of creatures; who the father, who the son
The vision of your goodness will sustain me through the cold
Take my hand now to remember when you find yourself alone

And the spirit fills the darkness of the heavens
It fills the endless yearning of the soul
It lives within a star too far to dream of
It lives within each part and is the whole
It’s the fire and the wings that fly us home
Fly us home, fly us home

It’s been said…

that Japan has four seasons and therefore people enjoy beautiful scenery in each season, which makes Japanese people artistic and they have rich and abundant culture. I’m one of them who don’t deny it though.  But look at this!

Another snow storm hit northern Japan. A low pressure system as strong as typhoon reached yesterday and one of my friends in Sapporo gave me a text message that says they had pouring rain last night and another snow storm would follow.

Global climate change can’t be denied.

Two years ago, we had snow fall in the middle of May, and then over 30℃ next day.  We used to hear the slow  footstep of spring and then admire stunning cherry blossoms.

Indeed, spring was just around the corner but it tears through at a breakneck speed.

Learning English

I have learned English for over 3 decades. No, actually it’s for 4 decades including my school age.  When I went abroad for the first time in 1986,  I only could speak some terms of everyday conversation such as ” how are you?”, ” how much?”, ” what time is it?”  and so on.

I still cannot believe that I could achieve that reckless trip along the Silk Road in China, Tibet and Nepal with my poor English speaking ability for several months.  Since then, I worked at an international hotel franchise and most of the employees spoke English there. So I learned it through working.

Most of Japanese learn English from the age of 12 to 18 but these 6 years don’t make them fluent in speaking.  They are forced to be concentrated on grammar, reading and composition, which is called “preparation studying” for entrance exams of universities.  Once they enter colleges or universities, they tend to forget most of the terms and sentences they learned in those period of “exam war”.

This is one of the reason that Japanese seldom speak English.

In the end of January, I was in Annaburg, near Berlin and was having a product training of some agricultural machinery. While I was having a dinner with representatives of machine dealers from EU, there were guys from Czech republic and Slovakia.  The job training itself was held in German and it was simultaneously interpreted into Russian and English by two sales persons of the manufacturer.  I was astonished with their fluency and asked one of them how they learned and trained their skills of speaking foreign languages.  On the dinner table, sipping a glass of good wine or two, our dialogues became focusing on the education of second languages in each countries.

I explained them about the education in Japan as mentioned above and the guy from Czech told me that they had quite the same way of learning English in his country. Another man from Slovakia agreed with him and said ” only reading comprehension was the most important things for us when we were students.  And when I graduated from a college, I couldn’t speak English at all. So I decided to learn English again and went to the United States.  Those two years made me capable of communicating with English speaking people”.

I had believed that the grammar-translation method in English-learning is taken only in Japan and therefore Japanese people are not good at communicating in English, but I was wrong. I found that there were not so drastic differences between those EU nations and Japan.

I assume that “how to seize an opportunity” to speak out the terms and sentences which he or she has learned at school is a KEY and the accumulation of these experiences encourages people to speak English in front of native English speakers.

Fortunately, I can write English like this but my composition and usage of terms are obviously the one of non-native’s and my speaking ability must be still in the level of primary-school children.  I sometimes think if my mother tongue were English, my life would be totally different. On the other hand, I admire the beautiful structure of Japanese language and I appreciate living as Japanese on this globe.

Only one thing I want to emphasize for my children is that….

If you speak only Japanese, you can communicate with 0.14 billion people. If you learn and speak English, you will be able to communicate with 1.4 billion people.


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